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Taxidermy Nz Bush Baby (rare) | Trade Me

Cute and furry made of the body of a big possum plus the face of the breathtaking doll. Don't miss out on this fantasy part of taxidermy. A real cool auction! Ideal for the house, workplace, shop, games area, artist, school, photographer, mancave or trophy area.

AAP takes art auction route to raise funds - TOI Mobile | The Times of India Mobile Site

Although commonplace inside numerous countries like the US, http://rumahkontrakandisurabaya.edublogs.org this might be the very first time a political party has raised funds through an art auction in India. Though Rs 18 lakh is not a especially large tanah amount by auctioneering guidelines plus fell short of the party's Rs 25 lakh target, party sources said it had been a begin. TOI had reported about February 19 how an art auction was found on the anvil amidst additional innovative fund-raising ideas that the party was working about. "The success of the art auction proves which our help with the upper middle class and well-heeled of society is intact.

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